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Medicare is the health insurance program of the United States of America for all people who are 65 years old or over. Certain people younger than 65 years old can also qualify under specific conditions for Medicare, specially those who have disabilities and those with, for example, chronic kidney failure or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS and also colloquially known as Lou Gehrig's disease).

The program covers basic health care expenses, but does not include all possible medical expenses or many expenses caused by long term care. It is highly recommended to complement the coverage with a private insurance.

Medicare is funded in part by taxes paid by employees and by their employers. These taxes are directly deducted from the payroll with other taxes. Another source of income into the Medicare fund are monthly premiums deducted from Social Security contributions. Not all patients' medical costs are covered. Covered patients must almost always pay a share of the treatment out of the pocket.

Medicare is divided into four parts - Part A (Core), Part B, Part C, Part D. There are also Medicare Supplement Insurances which reduce payments of out-of-pocket costs by caretakers (see more about this below).

Medicare covers some of your medical costs but do not cover everything. There are many limitations to the actual coverage and the program stipulates many clauses for charging patients for medical services.

Usually, your doctor charges fairly more than of what Medicare's covers. To ensure that you will not be charger a share of the bill, private health insurance companies have designed different health plans called Medicare Supplement Insurance.

One of the biggest limitations of the regular Medicare program is the limitation in the number of days an elderly person might be hospitalized. Medicare indeed covers 100% of the first twenty days. After the twentieth day, the patient is responsible for a co-payment of the daily fee. And if for some reason, you need to be hospitalized for more than 100 days, you are fully charged for each day. Medicare, for example, also does not cover elderly care services. This kind of service is required when the elderly cannot care for themselves.

Medicare - Medicare enrollment.

Most people are eligible to Medicare at the appropriate age. This holds true even in the case that the full Social Security benefits do not begin until after.

If you are on Social Security benefits at age 65 or over, you'll be enrolled in Part A and B automatically. However, if you are not receiving Social Security benefits upon turning 65 years old, you must apply for Medicare. There are three ways to register: Initial Enrollment Period - You register for 3 months before your 65th birthday. General Enrollment Period - If not enrolled during the initial enrollment period, you may enroll in Part B of Medicare from January to end of March every year. Medicare coverage will begin on July of the same year. Special Enrollment Period - If you were working when you turned 65, and you had health care coverage through your employer, you can decided to wait before enrolling in Part B of Medicare. If you lose your health care (after retiring or losing your job), you can later enroll in Part B.

When to register?

Important: there are a penalty fees for late registrations in Part B. The monthly premium increases 10% for each full year during which you could have Medicare Part B, but did not register, except in special cases, you will have to pay this fee. You will have to pay this higher premium as long as you have Part B of Medicare.

You can enroll in Part A or Part B of Medicare, and in a drug plan during the three months before your 65th birthday. Alternatively, you can register up to three months after your birthday too. For example, if you turn 65 before 1 December 2011, you could enroll into the drug plan from 1 September 2011.

If you do not, and do not have to, enroll for Medicare coverage for obtaining prescription drugs, no fee or penalty applies.

However, if you are eligible to enroll in drug coverage and do not, you will have to pay a penalty fee, if you enroll later, unless you are eligible for additional help for covering health costs. If you have other drug coverage insurance, you might not have to pay the fine.


Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medicare Supplement Insurance, also known as "Medigap" insurance, provides supplemental health insurance coverage for Medicare beneficiaries. Individuals in the "original" Medicare program may want to obtain Medicare Supplement ("Medigap") insurance because Medicare often covers less than the total cost of the beneficiary's health care. Medicare Supplement Insurance plans give you the freedom to choose any healthcare provider, even if you're traveling. Your Medicare Supplement Insurance premium may vary based upon the plan you choose, your age group, your gender, tobacco, and where you live.

If you are going Medicare soon, or already are, please contact us. We are licensed with many top rated Insurance Carriers, offering Medicare Supplement insurance. Our promise to you is that we will present you with all the most up to date information,and options, so that you can find and apply for a Medicare Supplement insurance plan that offers the lowest rates in your area.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Policy: Listing by A to L

In most states*, policies are standardized into plans labeled A through L as required by state laws. Medicare Supplement Insurance also known as Medigap plans - cover basic benefits, and each has additional benefits that vary by plan.** Medicare Supplement insurance plans A through J have one set of basic benefits with higher premiums and plans K and L have a different set of basic benefits with lower premiums.

Medicare Supplement Plans A and B
Plan A provides basic coverage for hospitalization and medical expenses. Plan B includes the same basic benefits, plus coverage for your Part A deductible.

Medicare Supplement Plan C
Plan C offers more coverage than plans A or B. You get the basic benefits listed in the chart above, plus coverage for the Part B deductible, skilled nursing care, emergency care abroad, and more.

Medicare Supplement Plan F
Plan F offers the basic benefits, plus coverage for both the Part A the Part B deductible.

Medicare Part B Excess Charges: Pays 100% of the difference between your doctor's charge and the Medicare approved amount to a non-Medicare assignment doctor. Plan F also has a high-deductible option that can lower your premiums.

Medicare Supplement Plan G
Plan F offers the basic benefits, plus coverage for both the Part A . Medicare Part B Excess Charges: Pays 80% of the difference between your doctor's charge and the Medicare approved amount to a non-Medicare assignment doctor.

Medicare Supplement Plans K and L
These lower-premium policies cover a range of medical costs, including doctor's services and hospital care. The plan pays a percentage of your costs, and then you are responsible for a portion.

Download Medicare publications from the Department of Health and Human Services and CMS




Medicare Blog

On January 1, 2011: New Reforms from the Patients protections and Affordable Act law (Health Care Reform) went into affect, and Some affect Medicare.

* Minimum Loss Ratios Law – Insurance will have to start proving they spend 80% or more of premiums for Individual Health ( 85% for Small Group Health Insurance) on “activities that improve care”. National Association of Insurance Commissioners issued guidance for insurance companies, and these rules of amounts amounts are in reference to payment for claims.

* Medicare – Rules have Added benefits for preventative and discounts on certain Brand Name drugs in the Doughnut Hole of 50% and discount on Generic drugs of 7% in the Doughnut Hole.

On November 15, 2010: The Medicare Open Enrollment period begins, and last until December 31st. Remember that During this period, people with Medicare can make changes including adding, dropping or changing their prescription drug coverage. You can also select a health plan for their 2011 known as Medicare Advantage Plans. Feel free to contact National Medicare Supplements during this time if you have any questions regarding these changes, or your medigap insurance, also known as medicare supplemental insurance plans

In June 2010, Changes took place to the different Medicare Supplemental Plans. Some plans were no longer to be sold after June 1st of this year, Changes were made to the Plans still available for sale, and 2 new medigap plans were added, and made available to people over he age of 65, and on Medicare A and B, and to under aged Disability People who are also on Medicare Seniors still have a wide variety of Medicare Supplement Insurance plans to choose from, including new plans.. Feel free to email or call us anytime to get the latest information regarding the new Medicare supplement ( Medigap) changes.

The 2010 Medicare Supplement changes are an effort to modernize the Medigap Market by dropping some coverage options, and adding others.

Summary of changes for 2010 Medigap plans purchased effective June 1, 2010:

At-Home Recovery were dropped from all 2010 Medicare Supplement plans sold after June 1st

Preventative Care will be dropped from all 2010 Medicare Supplement plans sold after June 1st

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans E, H, I and J are currently no longer available as medicare Supplement applications ( Plans)

Plan G had the Part B excess increased to 100% , from 80% on all new plans sold after June 1, 2010 increase excess charges from 80% to 100%

Hospice Benefits were added to all new Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans applied for after June 1st.

New Medigap (also known as Medicare Supplement Insurance) Plans were added Medicare Supplemental Plan M & Medicare Supplemental Plan N are now available.

The changes are referred as the modernized Medicare Supplements, also known as HR 6331, Medicare Improvement for Patents and providers Act, this Bill was passed and made into law on July 9, 208, with the rules taking effect on June1st of 2010

National Medicare Supplements Agency has added many new Carriers that offer Medicare supplement Insurance, including Gerber Life Insurance, Assured Life, and Sentinel life Insurance Company, to go along with many others that we currently offer, including Mutual of Omaha, United of Omaha, United World, New Era life Insurance, Blue cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Humana, Golden Rule, and many others. We price you with all the top rated Carriers, to find you the best Medicare supplement rate, and coverage. We also offer Part D Drug Benefit Plans, Life insurance, Dental Insurance plans and Annuities from all the top rated insurance Companies.

A Guide to Medicare supplement insurance

Medicare supplemental insurance is required by one when a person attains 65 years of age or becomes physically handicapped for more than 24 months. This Medigap supplement Plan does become very important and is essentially required to meet the needs of the medical expenses and help the policy holders to cater to certain needs of theirs. Medicare insurance requires a bit of precaution because these plans are constantly changed by the government to make it work more positively for the policy holders, but this sometimes works the other way around. The plans are symbolized by letters like A, B and there is a huge range. The plan that suits you and your financial planning should be selected by you conveniently.

But before getting a Medicare supplement insurance you need to make sure to follow certain steps to get the best one so that you can make it the most advantageous one for you. Once you get a proper Medicare supplement insurance then you can be slightly sure that you will be able to avoid some major future problems regarding payments, especially medical expenses. So, first thing that you need to do is get the price quotes from all the different companies of insurance. Apply to all different companies that you know from the internet for knowing their quotes first. You can contact them or apply from the internet directly. The plans provided by the companies is same, it is only the premium that differs. The premium difference will help you select your company and make all the difference. For instance plan A provided by any two company will be same but the premium that you have to pay for the company will be at different rates. 

After knowing the price quotes and premium payments required by different companies, you need to check the coverage they provide in the Medicare supplements, because Medicare does not pay hundred percent of your medical expenses. They pay eighty percent of the medical expenditure and the rest twenty percent needs to be paid by you. You might be denied some coverage if you have surpassed the age of Medicare supplement insurance. Some other type of health benefits are not covered by certain policies, you need to select one which covers your diseases or your needs at least. Some coverage plan is offered irrespective of the health and diseases regarding the policy holder. Sometimes the price quote and premium is fixed, and sometimes it keeps changing from time to time. Thus you need to be aware of the changes taking place. 

After taking care of these two basic factors you can get reference about the company that will be providing you the Medicare supplement insurance and then select the company that gives you a combination of features that benefits you in all ways. Make sure that you do not pay extra premium with features of the policy that might not appear fruitful to you. In this way you can get the best Medicare supplement insurance for yourself and protect your future. Go ahead and get your future secured. Gerber, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United HealthCare, Mutual of Omaha, Humana, Aetna, New Era, American National and many others. Information Resource here for you to learn and update yourself on the changes affecting Medicare and Medigap Insurance.

Medicare supplement insurance- why do you need it?

Nowadays we come across various new things that were never heard of before or we wonder whether they ever existed in reality or not. This even goes for the policies. Everyday we hear about a lot of policies by all different companies offering different plans and low premiums and claiming themselves to be the best and the most truthful. But then how many of these self proclaimers are actually truthful or even close to being good, forget being the best. So if you have already heard about a lot of policies then you surely must have also heard about Medicare supplement insurance. Before you confuse it with an anything else, the concept needs to be cleared. Thus these things need to be judged by you only if you are applying for a Medicare supplement insurance to secure your old age or if you want to support your disability. 

The plan selection requires a bit of research work before just selecting any plan randomly. You really need to be aware of it in details rather than just saying that you heard about it from somewhere at some pace and that you don’t know the exact details. When planning your future you cannot afford to be vague, you should have the exact information about all the policies you hold. Before finalizing your policy plans and your Medicare supplement insurance company, a check needs to be performed on many things. Firstly make sure that the companies you are applying for are legalized and do not have any history of fraud. Then you need to look at certain factors that revolve around your advantages. According to our advantages, you need to shortlist a few companies to apply for it. Do not apply only for one company, instead apply for at least five companies, they will gauge whether you can be approved or not and then you can finalize your own selection. 

Before finding out and applying for the Medicare supplement insurance, there is one more step that consists of another series of steps that help you understand which company you need to apply to for the supplement insurance. To get started with it you first need to get the price quote offered to you by the company. To know this you can apply to the companies, contact them or you can even search for it online conveniently for the quotes. After knowing the quotes make sure you compare all of them and then check the premium that you have to pay, annually or monthly. Make sure that premium is affordable and does not pull you into further loans or any other financial problem. After getting the premium and the quotes, you need to see what does your insurance cover specifically. This will include the type of policy or maybe the policy that will cover health benefits of all types or it might be the other way as well. Keeping these things in mind, you just need to make sure that your requirements are covered by the insurance company. With a combination of all these you can simply and easily get the advantage of a secure Medicare supplement insurance for yourself.